- Stroke of Fate: reduced movement slow duration 2->1.5
- Stroke of Fate: movement slow can now be dispelled
- Stroke of Fate: reduced projectile vision radius (240->160)
- Stroke of Fate: reduced projectile’s endpoint vision radius (300->160) and duration (3.34->2)
- Stroke of Fate: fixed +600 range talent incorrectly updating the range preview
- Phantom's Embrace: reduced phantom unit's vision range 400->200
- Phantom's Embrace: changed latch duration 4.0/4.5/5.0/5.5 -> 4.0/4.0/5.0/5.0
- Phantom's Embrace: if the target dies, the Phantom now flies back to caster to refresh the cooldown
- Phantom's Embrace: fixed a bug with +2 hits required talent only giving +1.3 hits (4 non-hero hits instead of 6)
- Ink Swell: reduced bonus movespeed 28/32/36/40->18/22/26/30
- Ink Swell: damage and stun amounts now range from 0 to max, instead of from a base value to max
- Ink Swell: ink tendril particle doesn't display if the affected enemy unit is invisible
- Soulbind: no longer sees through invisibility on leashed targets
- Reduced model scale 0.81->0.76
- Fixed some tooltip values that didn't updated with talent values
- Added some tooltip notes